P3 Proposal: Parliament Fast Track & Monthly Parliamentary Bill Process

Proposal: Parliament Fast Track & Monthly Parliamentary Bill Process

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Title: Parliament Fast Track & Monthly Parliamentary Bill Process
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Type: Concept
Status: Draft

This comprehensive proposal introduces a dynamic governance framework for Premia, combining “Monthly Consolidation of Parliamentary Topics” and “Parliament Fast Track” mechanisms. Seeking to expedite governance proposals optimistically while promoting transparency. Parliament Fast Track aims to expedite specific proposals while ensuring full sovereignty over protocol decisions. First, traditional proposals for non-critical topics will move to weekly Parliament discretion (Fast Track), and then monthly, these items will be consolidated into an omnibus bill for stakeholder ratification, thus empowering all Premian Tokenholders in the decision-making process.

Parliament-Only Snapshot Space

  • Each member gets 1 vote, regardless of vxPremia influence.
  • Used for Signal Votes and Parliament Fast Track.
  • Located within the premia.eth Snapshot (parliament.premia.eth), this snapshot space serves as the venue for Parliamentary voting. Proposals can be presented publicly and voted on in this space → parliament.premia.blue
  • The Blue Descent Multisig has been created and can be seen at: Blue Descent Multisig. This multisig has had oSnap enabled, and will soon enforce Hats Protocol permissions for voting.

This proposal introduces a process where Parliament’s weekly proposals are consolidated into a monthly bill, which is then voted on by all Premian Tokenholders. Additionally, it establishes the Parliament Fast Track for efficient decision-making on certain proposals.

This proposal aims to enhance community participation, transparency, and governance efficiency, while not putting stakeholders under governance fatigue . By consolidating weekly parliamentary votes into a monthly bill for tokenholder voting, decisions will reflect the broader consensus of the Premia community. This proposal also introduces a structured review process that thoroughly examines decisions made within the month.

This change requires an update to the parliamentary voting and tokenholder voting procedures:

  • Weekly parliamentary voting proceeds as usual.
  • At the end of each month, all proposals voted on are collated into a single bill.
  • This bill is then put up for a vote by all Premian Influence Holders.
  • The vote is open for a standard period, after which the results are finalized.
  • The bill, containing all accepted fast-tracked proposals, is then considered ratified.
  • If the bill is rejected, then each proposal (or contested proposal) will be discussed in further detail, and if any material change has been made, that shall be reverted (optimistic).

Parliament Fast Track

  • Proposals intended for approval via the fast track procedure must comply with the formatting requirements established in 1.P3 Premian Publication Process. To distinguish them from those approved by the standard process, the title should be formatted in the following way: .P3-FT [Title of the proposal].
  • Votes will be carried out in the Premia Parliament Voter Portal subspace on Snapshot. All 10 members of Parliament will be entitled to cast 1 vote with equal weight, regardless of the vxPremia influence of each member. A core member of the Premia team will be entitled to cast 1 vote only in the event of a tie. Votes passing by majority decision (6 votes)
  • Every month or after 5 proposals have been approved in the Fast Track Process (whichever comes first), all approved proposals will be packaged into an omnibus bill and subject to vote by all vxPremia token holders.

This ensures that:

  • The broader community regularly expresses its will
  • The omnibus bills do not creep in scope (max 5 proposals) to a point where it is impractical for voters to study the bill
  • Proposals that hypothetically get repealed by the broader community will at most have been running for a month

The following subjects will NOT be eligible for approval through the Fast Track procedure:

  • Core Governance Amendments
  • Token Economics
  • Proposals with a value of more than $100,000 or involving token transfers of more than 100.000 Premia. (Note: in the future the DAO should draw up a quarterly budget and get it approved by stakeholders. This clause would then only apply to new spending items that were not part of the current budget)

oSnap Module and Snapshot Voting for Parliament
The oSnap Module, provided by UMA, integrates with Snapshot to enable on-chain transactions to be included with Snapshot proposals. oSnap allows Parliament members to vote on proposals, facilitating democratic decision-making and initiating a multisig transaction if needed. The subdomain snapshot space can be found at parliament.premia.blue.. The next few weeks will act as an initialization phase to familiarize with the features oSnap provides before passing responsibilities to the multisig.

Hats Protocol for Entitlements
The Hats Protocol provides a framework for assigning different roles and access levels to participants within Blue Descent. It allows for fine-grained control over governance by enabling the creation of different roles or “hats.” These different roles are then enforced onchain via the Hats Protocol’s credentialling system and suite of smart contracts.

Key Features:

  • Granular control over decision-making capabilities.
  • Customizable roles and responsibilities for participants.
  • Utilize the Hats Protocol for effective management of permissions and entitlements.

Some of the first tasks to be completed via the fast-tracked procedure
Premia’s governance framework, Blue Descent, offers a robust and democratic system for administration. The Parliament championing this will ensure transparent and efficient decision-making processes using oSnap, Snapshot, and the Hats Protocol. Once these utilities are activated the parliament will focus on the first fast-track tasks, such as code of conduct, proposal quorum, length, etc.

Test Cases
If approved, these processes would run for the remaining duration of the first Premian Legislature. The effectiveness and proper functioning would be assessed after elections and the formation of the second parliament legislature.

Copyright Waiver
This P3 is in the public domain, and the author waives all copyright and related rights to the extent possible under the law.


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This proposal created by @JCDenton and @Fluffy_Bear will be proposed tomorrow. Please use this space to discuss if you have any questions or concerns.