P3 Proposal - Parliament Election - Term 2

What is a Parliament:

  1. A Parliament is the legislature of a country, state, or protocol responsible for making and passing laws.
  2. A Parliament is elected and is responsible for representing their electorate in government.
  3. A Parliament usually consists of two chambers. One chamber being an elected lower house, and an upper house which is appointed by the government and/or operator.
  4. A Parliament is also responsible for providing oversight of the executive branch of government, and holding the government to account through debate, question time, hearings, and other mechanisms.
  5. Parliaments are also responsible for debating and approving budgets & taxation, as well as debating and approving international treaties, referendums, and long term strategies.
  6. Rightfully so, a group of very wise owls is also known as a Parliament.


As a result of the growing maturity of The Premia Ecosystem as well as an increasing need for community involvement, the Premia Parliament was founded last year. The Parliament has been working as a joint task force of Premia Core members and Elected Community members to ratify and complete the formal path to a Decentralized Organization. The Parliament oversaw the Meta Economic revamp preceding the launch of Premia Blue (v3) as well as the launch itself and consequent sunsetting of v2.

Debates are encouraged, and formal documentation and voting ratifications will be frequent. 10 members of the community will be elected and ultimately asked to step forward to lead the Premia Ecosystem to the next chapter of our collective journey.


  • To elevate 10 community members to join the Premia Parliament to formalize the path to a Decentralized Organization. Goals will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Discuss and Outline new initiatives that are co-partnerships between developers and participants.

  • Focus group review of new features and future product lines.

  • Documentation of the canon or doctrine that future Parliament members must uphold.

  • To streamline continuous ratifications through weekly Parliament member votes, that will then be wrapped into omnibus bills to be ratified by popular vote on a monthly basis.

  • To democratize the P3 process and appoint multiple organizational entities that can accelerate the governance process in a responsible yet efficient manner.

  • To discuss and outline any potential changes to Premia tokenomics, Commission splits, & all things regarding the meta economy aspects of Premia Blue.

Expectations & Requirements:

Please review the below before submitting an application as below are expectations and requirements of Parliament members:

Minimum of 8hrs per month, up to 20hrs per month. Weekly call attendance will be mandatory, and you will be expected to regularly communicate with other Parliament members, Community members, and Core members.

You may be assigned or allowed to choose a role you will focus more on, between Governance, Advocation, Community and Quality Assurance. As one of ten elected esteemed community members you will assist and advise relevant core team members based on the role you are assigned. Members may also contribute to any of the aforementioned categories if they desire to fulfill more than one role.

Estimated length of engagement for the second Parliament is ~6 months or 1 million mainnet blocks.

We will be meeting virtually over Discord (no video necessary), and progression will be tracked in a transparent way to easily communicate with the wider group on action items and how the extended community can raise concerns will be publicly outlined and addressed.

We will be using Clarity for internal documentation and drafting proposals.

Parliament Term 2 Compensation: ~6000 Premia per month, aiming at roughly $2000/mo at current rates.

SUBMISSION FORM: https://app.deform.cc/form/1d194878-9bf1-4a8f-9551-4da9520a0fb0

After submitting the form, Candidates are highly encouraged to include a bio in this forum thread: Their experience in the Crypto world, their experience using the Premia Platform and any constructive feedback they may feel relevant to include or any opinion they have about particular topics pertaining to Premia governance.

Candidates (Discord Profile Linked)


Voting Clarification:

The amount of Parliament members, Term Length , and Pay are subject to change prior to the proposal being put up on Snapshot.

The top 10 candidates in order of most influence cast will be ratified as Parliament Members (Weighted Voting). Candidates MAY vote for themselves. Contrary other protocol elections, this is acceptable.

In the event less than 10 candidates receive votes, then only the candidates with votes will be accepted and the Parliament will be formed with less than 10 initial members.

Next Steps:

Tentative Timelines Outlined Below:

Application Submission (February 2→ February 16)

  1. Interested Parties submit intention to run for candidacy.
    The submission deadline is 23:59 on February 16th (UTC)

Election (February 16→ February 23)

  1. Vote for Candidates - Will be Ranked Snapshot vote if greater than applications. If less than 10 apply then it will just be a ratification vote for record keeping.

Snapshot is now live at Snapshot


Hi everyone, I’m Fin4DAO! I’m a contributor and a fighter.
Also, dear other applicants, I designed my post as a template, so do feel free to copypaste.

Name: Fin4DAO or short Fin
Discord: fin4dao
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fin4Dao
Quick info:
I have built and worked in DAOs and am used to working with DAO tooling like POAPs, Gnosis, Snapshot, etc. Also I do kickboxing and am known for writing cringe crypto Haikus.

Experience in crypto world:
I lead a community initiative with Yearn Finance and helped Bankless build their DAO infrastructure from ground up. I was elected to manage a small team (~20) focussed on educational content. Our team efforts were rewarded as we “sold” educational content to DAOs (e.g. Polygon) via grants. In this time I was used to:
-Organizing meetings (setup, documentation, procedure, min-maxing productivity, task delegation and feedback loops). Also moderated a big discord community meet-up with >800 people for yearn.
-building infrastructure (discord, gnosis, notion)
-building and participating in governance
-grants management (organizing grants from other DAOs + managing and paying out our own grants + successfull crowd funding via gitcoin)
-POAPs -Product testing and more
Also I’m fluent in tokenomics from my personal gem hunting endeavors.

Experience using the premia platform:
I trade options and I loved premia and its idea and branding from the start. I think it will be one of the big defi protocols in bull. I am a small hodler and voter with my vxPremia.
Also I love that that the academy has my favorite options strategy: A backspread with calls. And just like the strategy is designed for uber bullish markets, I’m uberbullish on Premia.

My ideas (re Premia gov + platform):
Maybe community buidling could use some polishing even though all the parts are already there, appropriate communication, good branding, some great meme-ing. Even though I’m a vault voter, I’m not too deep in premia gov yet, but with my experince, I’m almost certain we can tackle some of the pain points that might exist currently (I’m eager to hear what everyone wants to have changed and I’d be happy to check out the options and be very communicative about the process, what’s possible and what might should not yet be prioritized for now.)

Something else you want to tell us about yourself?
I’m flexible with meeting times, as I currently have no classes in my law studies (just preparing for the big test). I would like to use these 6mon to assess what tasks need to be done immediately, help do them, but also first get a feel for the DAO and focus on listening so I don’t overstep. If you all are happy with me, I’m looking forward to presenting a concrete and KPI-focused plan of how we can accelerate Premia to the top, where we all know it belongs.
Premia Platform
Horny for option adoption
Lock them for 4 years


gm, thanks for a good template fin

Name: Bathtub Toaster or vToasted
Discord: vxToasted
Twitter: https://twitter.com/backyardbound1

Quick info:
Been around since 2016 building, contributing, investing, and brainstorming in web3 with leading projects of multiple market cycles. I look to providing continued knowledge and experience of finding, creating, and sharing value of almost a decade to Premia

Experience in crypto world:

  • started out doing hackathons and developer focused work on ETH and LINK back in 2016-2018, switched more to investing as the bear market ended and finding the right projects since. Was early feedback/contributor to the link dev team (contributed some OS work to them), then later an early SNX user and OlympusDAO degen at launch, in the early community meetings to discuss policy and larger dao frameworks (getting a dedicated policy team, bonding/fundraising, finding ways to get dao revenue).

Current plan is to work in official capacity with the Premia team and snowball from there :upside_down_face:

Experience using the premia platform:
I mosty use premia to lose money on calls (and enjoy doing it), but I’ve tried out pretty much the whole spectrum of the platform offerings. Also I have done every academy course, so regarding Premia usage I don’t think I’ve missed a cm of dirt.

My ideas (re Premia gov + platform):
I’ve discussed a few ideas with the team. In the past, I led the tokenomic plan to distribute/drip tokens to stakers instead of burning (a novel idea at the time, when most people wanted to burn 10m tokens. Originally i had wanted to burn around 75 million tokens, but this was impossible to do for contractual reasons).

Future ideas revolve around making the platform

  • Fun to use (and easy to onboard new people)
  • profitable on all aspects - buying, selling, staking

I’m firmly positive that premia will succeed if it does those two things well. Right now the major product in defi is perps, options generally aren’t well understood in the degen space.

The main product that can be created here I think is some kind of 0dte vault / betting pool that people can join. 40% of existing stock market options volume are 0dte’s and creating a community pool party of sorts would imo be a lot of fun. Turn off platform fees for marketing, create pool party memes and get a DJ to blast a wealth orchestra on discord channel for 8 hours as the screams of bulls and bears echo in the background.

Another idea, contentious to some, is a hidden toggle button that turns on a degenUI for the culture. Everyone has different ideas on what this is, but what I know is it’s the feature we deserve

Something else you want to tell us about yourself?
I don’t plan on rushing anything, I don’t feel a need to pump token price asap. The vision I have for premia and what I bring to parliament is long term & with sustainable growth in mind that will turn it into a familiar, trusted name like coinbase and uniswap currently are.


GM everyone, here’s my submission for this election round:

Name: JC Denton or vxDenton
Discord: jc.denton. Profile
Twitter: vxdenton

My submission and bio from last term: Link

Brief intro:

  • Coming from an IT background, I mined a lot of Scrypt algo coins back in 2013-2014. Came back in 2018 after Cryptsy exit scammed me. Started using DeFi extensively in 2020, which convinced me Crypto has a real use besides its immutability and is here to stay.
  • Throughout 2020-2023, I’ve helped various smaller cap projects (Between 200k and 5mil at peak mcaps) with community management, content management, as well as various forms of marketing efforts. I’ve traded crypto extensively for these past years and have interacted with hundreds of protocols, and still do.
  • I discovered Premia and joined the community in 2021, choosing it as what I saw as the superior DeFi Options platform. After joining the parliament in April 2023, I helped along with the other members to oversee the meta-economic revamp (after heated debates about burning tokens), the launch of Premia Blue and end of v2, various UI changes, worked on our integration with the Hats DAO, and more. Aside from my work with the Parliament, I’ve also contributed to Premia with managing the community, helping with Twitter and other external communications.

Experience using the Premia platform:

I use the vaults extensively to hedge my positions and lately to farm yield with the ARB STIP. I occasionally trade, mostly buying calls and selling puts (permabulla). And of course vxPremia. I still think the Premia UI/aesthetic is one of the best in crypto.

Future ideas for Premia:

Like Bathtub said above and others too, I agree that a good, easy and fun to use UI is extremely important for platform adoption. Providing QA feedback is critical and should be one of the things Parliament does often.

Making Options more appealing and promoting the idea of using them over perps, whether as a hedge to spot or as a temporary trading strategy or any combination of the above, is paramount to the adoption and success of Premia. I’d like to really push this narrative as a group, with everyone reinforcing each others ideas in public (on Twitter for example), and doing what they can to contribute. We know how crucial narratives are in crypto and trading DeFi Options is one of the more obvious and cleanest ones. And of course continue working on name recognition for Premia, which has improved.

In terms of Governance work, I would like the Parliament to be split into a few task groups in charge of contributing and consulting different aspects of Premia. As detailed in the opening post these would be Governance, Advocation, Community and Quality Assurance. For the second term I’d like tasks to be more clearly defined so that everyone can contribute in the field that fits them best.

We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many live in the darkness that must be shown the way. For it is the dawning of a new day.

Good luck to all candidates.


Hello all

Name: sunny64
Discord: s642655
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sunnysixtyfour


Avid whitepaper reader in 2017, early Link investor and consequently part of several different projects that were building out the oracle ecosystem.
Interested in several other projects in the following years, defi exposure, among other things.

MY IDEAS( re premia gov and platform):

I’ve grown up and worked in several enviroments where excellence in execution were a given. I’m a believer that all good things come from hands on experience, and know how. Which is why I will want the owls to be avid option connoisseurs across several markets and infrastructures.
That will give premia an extra edge, when it can lean on an experienced group of individuals that are up to date and with their finger on the pulse of options market (among other markets).

Long term commited to help out in any way I can, but i might not have the same amount of screen time as i had in years prior, projects and obligations irl is always gonna be a priority for me.
Nevertheless, i will still have a good amount of time during my week to help out in both small or big capacity.


Name: Sminem
Discord: wagecuck17
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordSminem

Previous election bio: Link to previous election

Quick info:
In crypto since 2017. Tried crypto inside out, from mining to defi and invested with Premia since 2021.

Experience using the premia platform:
Used premia since early days. Was one of biggest liquidity miners. Provided a lot of feedback regarding the protocol. I’m still very involved and try to be as helpful as I can to shape Premia in best form it can be.

My ideas (re Premia gov + platform):

  1. Potentially re-adjust tokenomic to make them even more attractive if its possible.

  2. Provide ideas to redesign token value accrual and to make vxPremia as attractive as it can be.

  3. Try to push development (or cooperation with someone) of borrowing against staked/locked tokens so capital is not idle.


Name: Salty
Discord: 0xsalty
twitter: https://twitter.com/saltyxbt


Salty / 26yo, crypto investor & yield farmer & bottom seller & top buyer and defi enjoyer, been in crypto since 2k15, discovered premia early Feb 2021 and been a loyal holder since

Experience using the premia platform:

to be honest, I am not much of an option trader, i am mostly spot trading, but let me focus on side products made by Premia that I like and use frequently

-Vaults: love the innovation here first time yield farming was with Premia and it didn’t disappoint
-vxPremia is so cool (love the rev-sharing feature we have)
-Bridge & Swap features are life-saving used it multiple times and great experience
-the most important thing I like about the platform is how dope the UI/UX is, I really cannot see a 2nd best in terms of that
-Premia Academy is well done, there was so much effort put into that and I’m pretty sure it’s well appreciated by the users I’m not into options really but I’ve learned a lot from this

Ideas regarding Premia:

I see Premia has outstanding potential & to grow it just needs more exposure & development which I will be focused on during my term establishing more partnerships and exploring more markets & potential users we’re so early and options haven’t gotten any exposure yet, not to mention the 2 years of bear market we’re just getting started, those I will be focusing on during my term

Personal Growth and Passion:

My journey with Premia since its inception in February 2021 has been a testament to my belief in our collective vision. Despite my preference for independence, the opportunity to actively contribute to a project I deeply care about is a chance I’m eager to embrace.

Unwavering Commitment:

Holding one of the top 10 positions in token ownership and choosing a four-year lock-up demonstrate my long-term faith in us. This isn’t just an investment; it’s a commitment to our shared future.

Community First:

My engagement with our community from the start has been driven by a genuine desire to see us thrive. I’ve been here, not just as a spectator but as an active participant, ready to lend a hand, share insights, and help us grow together.

Looking Ahead:

Joining the Parliament would be a new chapter for me, a blend of my love for autonomy with a desire to contribute to something larger than myself. I see this as an opportunity to bring my unique perspective to our governance, helping to steer Premia towards even greater achievements while ensuring our community remains at the heart of everything we do.

In Closing:

This is more than just a role for me; it’s a chance to step into new shoes, challenge myself, and give back to a protocol that’s given me so much. I’m here to learn, contribute, and help us navigate the exciting journey ahead


Name: (David) Lynch
Discord: 0xlynch
Twitter: @0xdavidlynch

My background:
I have 8 years of experience in engineering & project management (irl work) and I’ve been involved in crypto since 2016. Until 2019 I just traded, but with the advent of AAVE, Synthetix, Yearn, and other DeFi protocols, I dove in and discovered a new passion. Since then I have taken roles in several projects doing things like coordinating dev time, building roadmaps/conceptualizing new features, and community management. My greatest strength is taking ideas from conception to completion.

Experience in Crypto World:

  • Project manager (resource management and execution) for small cap crypto projects and a few shitcoins
  • I’ve been on crypto twitter since 2020 (lurking) so I know the vibe of the space, what people want, what makes people bullish
  • Founding member (feature consulting and community management/moderation) for an AI blockchain analytics startup
  • I run a crypto discord server (~75 members)

Experience Using the Premia Platform:
I’ve been using Premia for about 1.5 years - I do liquidity providing and buy calls ( on ETH (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) ). I’ve read through all docs, done the academy, and generally interacted with every part of Premia’s platform. As a user and investor, I think it has a ton of potential. However, I think this potential is not being fully realized - that’s why I’m submitting for a position on the parliament, to try to promote a direction that I think will grow the platform most.

Future Ideas for Premia. Other candidates have submitted ideas I agree with, like making Premia more fun or tightening tokenomics; rather than rehash them, here are two new ideas:

Using Premia as a backend, and partners as a frontend. What I mean by this: a user goes to Camelot, Uniswap, or whatever DeFi protocol. In addition to their normal trade functions, there will be a new frontend functionality on that site for trading options. The user can buy an ETH call without needing to use the Premia website, although it will display that this transaction is run through Premia. The partner that hosts this would get a percentage of fees. They have incentive to promote buying/selling options so they can get the fees from it, and they’ll also be offering a new product (which is really just Premia) to their users.

Gamifying Premia. Instead of simple badges or cosmetic NFTs awarded for traders, I think that a standalone game should be created. Similar to how Defi Kingdoms was able to attract a huge audience with hero NFTs, Premia could have waifu NFTs (or whatever theme is decided on) which can battle other waifu NFTs. While rarity will decide the power of these NFTs, that power can only be fully unlocked on a given address if they have crossed a minimum volume/profit/loss/etc on Premia. Maybe one NFT requires you to have lost money for its power to be fully realized, or another requires you to sell puts. There could be recurring quests, like “buy a call option on ETH”, that reward users with powerups that boost their NFT or unlocks its full potential. In general, most aspects of other blockchain games can be copied – except what would be unique with Premia is the deep platform behind it all. While other blockchain games drew in users with flashy graphics but gave them little reason to stay beyond token price pumping, Premia will draw in users in the same way, but has an entire platform for them to explore and use. With the advent of generative AI, making art assets for a game has become significantly easier – aesthetic, and marketing, are what drive adoption for blockchain gaming. The biggest work there is to do lies in solidifying the concept and coding a simple game that checks addresses for how much they’ve traded on Premia (most of the work here would be Web2, which is significantly easier than Web3 devwork. That’s why I believe this idea is feasible).

Thanks for reading, I’m eager to work with you all and bring our bold ideas to fruition.


Name: vxDenpa
Discord: vxDenpa

My background:
I’ve been in crypto since 2016, first as a regular newbie investor, then as a trader, and eventually doing DeFi full time, starting in the summer of 2020.
Over the years I’ve invested in and worked with countless DeFi projects. As a member of the Premia Parliament, I’ve been closely involved with governance and spearheaded great changes such as the recent tokenomics overhaul.
I’ve passed feedback on many features, docs, tweets, and graphics as they were being done. I am proud to say that our very own Premia-chan was my idea.

Experience Using the Premia Platform:
I’ve been with Premia since 2021 and on the parliament this past year.
I am an active Liquidity Provider, Trader, and 4y locked Staker.

Future Ideas for Premia:
I’m interested in developing how we market ourselves to the broader crypto market, and to perpetual futures traders in particular. Options are underutilised by retail within crypto which is unusual consider how prevalent they are in tradfi. It is my greatest priority to bridge the gap for perp traders to become options traders.
Building connections with existing protocols, potentially running more mainstream advertisements, and doing grassroots conversions through twitter and other social networks, are some preliminary steps we should be taking. I’m always looking for ways to make Premia more attractive both to seasoned DeFi users and CEX newbies alike.

Looking forward to working with the parliament again.


Name: Algo
Discord: AlgorithmicX
twitter: https://x.com/AlgorithmicX


  • Old fart - Senior Business Analyst & Developer [25 years experience]
  • Worked in Sales, Trading & Research within some of the largest IBs on the street [Equities, Equity Derivatives, FICC]
  • Worked on major Balance Sheet, Liquidity & Capital Management platforms
  • Currently working on a major single dealer platform in TradFi
  • Young designer/technologist of the Year
  • Strong business technologist who has a passion for innovation and esign

Experience using the premia platform:

I am a PBC investor [locked for 4 years] and have been on this journey since the start.

  • Vaults - easy way to park idle capital
  • Options - used simple view - have provided constructive UI feedback
  • vxPremia - major participant in this area [ governance, guage votes, yield farmer ]

DeFi Journey:

  • Started when I participated in the Tezos ICO
  • Been trading, farming, staking different token to try and earn asymmetric returns even since

Ideas regarding Premia:

  • Ensure the best possible User Journey
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ensure adequate liquidity
  • More relationships to drive volumes
  • Greater utilisation of idle capital [vxPremia]
  • Get Valio to integrate Premia
  • Gamifications
  • Portfolio Margin
  • Lego blocks for other to easily build upon
  • All other applications to white label and integrate our product

Personal Growth and Passion:

I’ve been invested since PBC, locked for 4 years and am a very active and constructive member of the community since inception.

Unwavering Commitment:

I want to make Premia the go-to venue for DeFi options. We want to drive volumes, fees and ultimately token appreciation.

Looking Ahead:

Joining the parliament is really a way to utilise my many years of experience in Financial Markets to build the best product and work with the best minds in the business.

In Closing:

Vote for me or else…


GM everyone!
This is my submission for the second legislature:

Name: Fluffy Bear
Discord: fluffy.bear
Twitter: veFluffy

About me:

I am a Project Manager at a large engineering company (>15.000 employees), where I have led several projects with multi-million euro budgets in which I have coordinated interdisciplinary teams, reporting periodically to the top management of the company.

Experience in crypto and with Premia

I started my journey in crypto in late 2017, kept superficially informed through 2018-2019 and have been continually involved and up-to-date since late 2020.

I’m a long-term Premia community member, having bought my first token in September 2021 and having been continually active on the community’s Discord since November 2021.

As a member of the first Premia Parliament legislature, I authored the Parliament Code of Conduct

and co-authored the Parliament Fast Track & Monthly Parliamentary Bill Process

I semi-regularly use the platform as a trader, mostly to hedge spot positions but sometimes to express levered directional bets. I’d rate myself as a beginner-intermediate in my options knowledge.

I’m not involved in the governance of any other protocol and, as of today, I don’t hold positions in any competitors of Premia.

Proposals for the second legislature


On top of some great proposals above with which I agree, I would personally like to:

Continue fleshing out the Parliament’s Governance Processes, on the basis of the work done in the first legislature
This should include, amongst many other items:

  • Setting infrastructure up to be able to hold binding, on-chain votes

  • Moving all funds that are now only nominally controlled by Parliament into a multisig of Core Team Members and Parliament Members


Additionally, on the financial front, I would like to continue maturing & professionalizing the organization by working on:

Clarify and generate transparency on Blue Descent’s (Premia DAO) financials

  • Overview of all buckets and addresses nominally in control of Blue Descent
  • Generate a simple, public report

Prepare a summary budget (as is today)

Define the process to get the (quarterly) budget approved by the broader community

Debate and come to an agreement on what our mission as a DAO is and what our financial strategy be to achieve that mission should be

  • Should we strive for healthy earnings or should any excess income go towards buybacks?
  • Are we happy with 99.9% of our treasury being in Premia or would we like to diversify?
  • How could we diversify without price impact?

Start putting the Parliament/DAO treasury to work on projects that foster Premia’s ecosystem growth

  • Options aggregator / comparator
  • Decentralized frontend
  • Marketing assets

Hi everyone, I’m Marty. I’m a options portfolio manager, premian voltard, and a hat salesman.

(thank you mr fin4dao for the template, appreciate you pimp)

Name: Marty
Discord: therealmarty
Twitter: @thinkingvols
Quick info:
I am a retail degen turned institutional crypto player. Currently we manage an options portfolio, but before we were top MM’s on FTX US and FTX international. When we arent slanging vol, we like to give away hats on twitter.

Experience in crypto world:
Very well connected in the institutional crypto space, we currently manage a growing twitter account to keep our retail connections tight as well. Apart from trading and managing an options book, we have helped Premia develop the academy, and manage a telegram group called OPTIONS WITH MARTY.

Experience using the premia platform:
We are the only ones plugged into the API and doing both BID and ASK on the Major pairs on Premia. We are fully integrated with the API and the new RFQ system that is coming. We are fluent in Premia.

My ideas (re Premia gov + platform):
lets keep it simple… lets build the best decentralized options platform, and one that can scale. If you want to scale you need to add a margin system, as well as keep the orderbook an orderbook. There are many things the team is working on which are all great, we just need to hone our skills and finish one project before moving to another. This could include the orderbook, the rfq, a margin system, a delta1 product… etc

Something else you want to tell us about yourself?
My timing is flexible and am available to attend any predetermined meeting. I am always available on telegram as well if an emergency.

I wish all applicants good luck, and lets build out Premia to the best it can be.


Hi everyone,

Name : Side
Discord : vxsidelinedcapital
Twitter : https://twitter.com/LowStakesCap

Previous election bio : Parliament Election Candidate Bios - #7 by vxSidelinedCapital

My background and crypto journey :

I started crypto in 2017 alongside my studies in finance and economics. Got rekt on Ripple and came back on 2019 to make it all back. Since then, I’ve switched to full-time crypto and currently hold a position as a BD Manager at an institutional-grade staking service provider. Through this role, I have the opportunity to build a strong network within infra projects and regularly engage in calls with DeFi projects, during which I take the time to shill Premia if it’s relevant.

Experience using the Premia Platform :

My options journey began in 2021 when i discovered Premia. Since then I’ve tried protocols from most of our competitors and never found the same experience I had with Premia. That’s why I decided to go further by getting involved with the community.

I consider myself a casual options trader, and my use of Premia is focused on making directional bets on BTC and ETH. Additionally, I provide liquidity in the vaults to generate yield while hedging during periods of market uncertainty.

My ideas for Premia and the parliament :

  • Focus on enhancing sell-side liquidity (on-chain market making) and the ability to sell back to vaults especially on BTC & ETH.

  • Explore 0DTE options to provide a Robinhood-like user experience and attract a new type of crypto participants.

  • Emphasize the release of side products such as [redacted] swaps to onboard crypto participants into options trading through alternative means.

  • Rework the token model to align incentives and attract new investors by making the token design more appealing.

Regarding the parliament,

Summary of this first round,

Everyone is involved and diligent, but I believe we can do better. We need to define a clear strategy for this second round with concrete actions.

Firstly, I believe members of the parliament should act as ambassadors on socials. Therefore, for this second round, we should focus on content production to increase Premia’s visibility.

Finally, I agree that we should form subgroups to involve members more actively, such as : BD, Marketing & Community, Protocol

Looking forward to being part of the parliament again and continuing what we’ve started to build.




Name: lyt
Discord: lyt.eth
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lyt_eth

With a passion for DeFi and a strong belief in Premia’s vision, I’m eager to roll up my sleeves for a second term and help it reach new heights.

My background is rooted in strong business analytics, with valuable experience gained working at MakerDAO. For more information about me please refer to my bio from the last election. You can also find my posts on the Maker forum under the same username. Note that I am no longer affiliated with Steakhouse, but I completed my first Parliament term very independently from the Steakhouse team anyway.

Below are areas I would like to focus on in the next Parliament term:

Promoting options vs perps, which is important because as perps traders represent a potentially large source of growth.

  • Writing promotional / educational content that can serve as an inspiration for marketing: For example, I have recently explored actual options purchased to find and walk through an example of someone who bought an option that is so far profitable but would have been liquidated as a perp; showcasing examples of actual options trades that happened on the platform can be a great promotional tool.
  • Outreach on Twitter: Engaging with perps traders on Twitter, bringing them awareness to decentralized options on Premia, and understanding their pain points.
  • Extracting data-driven insights: Analyzing data to showcase the intricacies of options vs. perps (e.g., exploring ways to measure “wick insurance” cost/efficacy, analysis of wick impacts in various market conditions). This work is more exploratory but if successful, insights extracted could be shared to educate the community.

Exploring ways to onboard current options traders who don’t use Premia yet, including crypto options traders on competing platforms and stock options traders with an interest in crypto.

  • Connecting with options traders who use competing platforms: Engaging with them on Twitter, bringing awareness to Premia, & understanding their needs and barriers to using Premia.
  • Targeted outreach of stock options traders: Exploring ways to find the overlap between stock options traders and people interested in crypto. A crude example purely for illustrative purposes is finding redditors who made comments in both r/wsb and r/cryptocurrency.

Continuing to weigh in on tokenomics

  • While I prioritize the long term growth and success of the protocol over all else, I still do find it important that value accrual to the token is done in a way that makes the token attractive.
  • In the prior term, I quickly pivoted to advocate for tokens to not be burned and instead reallocated to ensure that the community maintained a fair percentage of ownership. Token burns would have unfortunately had to come from community allocations, as there were legal barriers otherwise.

Continuing to monitor the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities for improvement in the process

Thank you for reading


Friends, Premians, countrymen, lend me your ears. Hey guys, Tammy Worldpower here- hoping you’ll take a bit of time to read an consider my parliamentary endeavors.

Name: Snips or, Tammy WorldPower if there’s a manager nearby

Discord: snips.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/snips_eth

Quick info:

The wild world of crypto is one that i both love and am hopelessly stuck within. Very broad experience across the board: from tooling/botting to leading hackathon teams to helping teams with raises to building passion projects, I have been a bit of a generalist within the industry and it’s truly one of the best places to be. The tech, the relationships, the trauma of black swans make for a truly exceptional space and an exceptional amount of mental illness.

Experience in crypto world:

To that point, I have done a bit of everything. I started out writing discord and general python bots to automate some activities onchain and enhance the experience for discord communities. As one can imagine, once you dip your toes into the space as a builder and collaborator, you never really lose that spark. From there, I managed a few discord communities, led and developed a hackathon project with a team of 5.

I also cofounded and developed a project centered on bringing NFT-gating to offchain apparel before moving on to actual protocol design and development. I worked on a team to engineer the tokenomics of an LBP platform, wrote the pitch deck, and general worked collaboratively to achieve all of the steps necessary to complete a successful raise.

Suffice it to say, working in small, tight-knit teams around a shared goal is one of the most gratifying and mentally stimulating tasks one can endeavor to undertake, and I see parliament no differently.

Experience using the premia platform:

My experience with Premia started from the very beginning, at PBC. Along with writing up the first draft of the FAQs, I spent a good deal of time monitoring that initial p2p (or premia-to-peer, as it were) orderbook. Ultimately had a fantastic time making a couple quick flips on ITM options on bsc because I guess everyone forgot about them :stuck_out_tongue:.

Since then, I have kept a keen eye on all developments, twitter spaces, and papers coming out of the team. Honestly fantastic stuff. Premia is definitely a prime example of building through the bear and not losing steam or heart.

Throughout the bear and in keeping a veritably nonexistent risk-profile (capitally frightened innit), I dabbled in exploring the new features, integrations, and innovations that Premia brought to the table.

I would like to take my broad understanding of the state of crypto and bring that to the table as a member of parliament, taking a look at what premia does well and where it could reinvigorate efforts around some facets.

My ideas (re Premia gov + platform):

Emphasis on Participant education/enablement
One of the key initiatives that I think has been awesome from the Premia team has been their focus on onboarding users into options at large and options in their own context. Premia academy is an awesome initiative that deserves a greater spotlight within the program.

Applications and software must cater to the LCD of their target markets, and I think this is a great step in that direction. Granted, much of crypto is smarter than your average bear (pun intended), but options trading is something that is foreign to many market participants, even those deep within the space.

Part of what I would like to see in Premia going forward is engagement on that level, framed in a way that is both conducive to users who have their bearings within options trading and those who have no clue what is going on. Granted, options themselves are highly technical instruments, so toeing that line is not fully straightforward.

Discord Refresh
Another initiaitve that could be quite attractive is a bit of retooling of the discord to that measure. Forums within discord provide a really succinct knowledgebase for users, and additional tooling around onchain analytics, the trading comps, and general crypto enablement would not only help with discord/community stickiness but also an enhanced user experience for the premians who call the server home.

Anywho, just a few starting thoughts. As I spend a bit more time centering my thoughts and collaborating, I’m sure there will be a plethora of other ideas that come to mind.

Something else you want to tell us about yourself?

Emerging technologies are what drives me and lights the fire under my ass. Premia, and the growth/adoption of defi options at large, is essentially an emerging technology within an emerging technology. Ask me about alpaca husbandry lmao

Also my PFP is literally an owl, so i know a thing or two about parliaments


Long live Premia,



About Me

(saving the best longest for last…)

Hi voters! My name is Michael (aka General Obligation) and I’ve been captivated by crypto from the moment I first learned about bitcoin in early 2013. I’ll never forget the deer in headlights look I got from the trading desk I was shadowing during a bank interview in early 2013 when I asked a long time corporate bond salesman if he had ever heard of bitcoin…safe to say he didn’t (though certainly did a couple months later when CNBC couldn’t shut their mouths about it on the trading floor tvs!)

Professionally, I have experience across the entire traditional financial “stack” - from sitting on municipal bond desks (which is where my name comes from! General Obligation is a type of muni) as well as money market desks…to middle office at hedge funds…to back office administration services for PE shops + hedge funds.

I also have light developer experience, having completed a coding bootcamp (any other app academy grads out there!?) and did some backend and scripting work (among other stuff) for a small workflow platform for residential and construction companies.

Within the cryptosphere, my first foray into DeFi was yield farming with the one that kickstarted a revolution in August 2020…YAM. I later contributed to several small cap projects, where my most significant contribution was to Komet Capital (now defunct, founders rugged), which aimed to be a decentralized hedge fund. I was brought in to author the whitepaper (see here) and design their tokenomics for two tokens they had planned, for which I devised some novel mechanisms and incentives for January 2021. I (very sadly) had to step away after about six months after the founders fired our main developer and I got the sense that they were soon going to rug (which they eventually did)

I had embodied a powerful vision (see more my impassioned writing here), and although that vision with Komet ultimately failed to launch into the DeFi galaxy, I would love for that vision to be fully animated with my election to the Premia Parliament.

After leaving Komet, and experiencing unimaginable success from crypto, I decided to pivot away entirely out of crypto and focus on giving back to my local community for a couple of years.

I helped lead a NYC based community-first sports league, which interestingly shares some unexpected parallels to Premia in terms of governance challenges and org size. Though formally “treasurer,” I again wore a number of (different) hats to help catapult the org, fueled by 70%+ YoY revenue growth, including:

  • Governance + Board level strategic objectives
  • Advocacy
  • Community management + engagement + development
  • Recruitment
  • Partnership development
  • Legal + compliance
  • Tech
  • Programming Development

Our board became much too unwieldy (over 30 members) as we scaled super quickly and I led a number of initiatives to consolidate the Board to 10 (same size as Premia Parliament coincidentally!) and roll out new committees to streamline decision-making yet also decentralize control of the org. This required careful consideration of stakeholder needs, leadership bandwidth, and future-proofing the org in the medium term to provide incentives for manageable growth, as well as mechanisms to prevent super-concentration of power within the org. I stepped down from the org in December to return to the for-profit universe in pursuit of contributing to something larger and more serious.

What I can do for Premia

I’d love to leverage my governance work with my non profit, in conjunction with insatiable hunger for creative tokenomic experiments and my finance background, to sharpen the Parliament as well as entice ecosystem stakeholders with hyper aligned performance and staking incentives. With no other active commitments, I have the capacity to dedicate a tremendous amount of effort to the Parliament.

I love doing deep dives and brainstorming (some of my ideas strike like lightning…while others fall into the wind) into all sorts of areas, though I am confident I can help bolster two key areas, Governance and Tokenomics.

Ideas for Premia


I would love to help spearhead governance advancements within the Premia ecosystem, especially since that seems to be an extant challenge for the protocol. I’d like all stakeholders to thoughtfully explore what role the Parliament should play in the Premia ecosystem. If our goal is to eventually transition to a DAO where the Parliament best represents token holders, protocol partners, and users of the platform…then maybe we should look to the public shareholder model where the election cycle looks something like Shareholders (token holders) → Board (Parliament) → Management (Senior Team) as a foundation to tweak. Though of course, our specific needs will evolve in tandem with the growth and development of the protocol and options landscape more broadly.

I believe the size of our Parliament is ideal for our team + community size at the moment. DAO management has been such a shaky endeavor in the crypto space because there is a ton of experimental governance that has been mostly a failure, and only moderately successful in the best case.

Part of this is often due to the lack of segregation between operator control and the operation itself. It’s critical that proper funnels of accountability are in place and adhered to in order to maximize governance efficacy.

Some Near and Medium Term Actionables:

  • More precisely flesh out roles and responsibilities of Parliament (including Parliament itself) and timeline for DAO transition; determine whether Parliament ought to be a controlling high level board of governors…or part time employees working on various operational initiatives…or a combination of both

  • Develop process for identifying and recruiting future Parliament candidates (Governance + Nominating Committee, skills matrix, etc) to ensure Parliament is composed of diversified array of strengths and skill sets to best benefit the protocol

  • Develop and formalize streamlined pipelines for governance processes to prime Premia for success to once (open) interest in options starts to really flood the market

  • Combine best governance practices from “real world” + emerging successes in DAOs and tailor them for Premia

    • Lots of hybrid structures we can get creative and experiment with here, but some established ideas are tried and true for good reason
  • Increase governing transparency / expectations without sacrificing IP / proprietary info to better engender trust + accountability from token holders to Parliament members

  • (echoing Fluffy Bear) Ensure treasury is being put to sound use and all spending is planned + accounted for; can explore creating a finance or audit committee

  • Execute on existing deliverables and roadmap objectives

  • “FDV is just a meme” - publish clearer emission schedules and more predictable token inflation rates to websites and create a convincing case that dilution will be secured by protocol growth. We know that in the past, Premia has received some not so favorable attention because of “scary” tokenomics.

Product / Tokenomic Ideas

  • Will continue to iterate and innovate on tokenomic design, but would like to piggyback off a couple ideas from a couple other candidates which had crossed my mind as well.
    • As Sminem emphasized, Making staked premia more liquid. Originally I had an idea that they could be “restaked” for options liquiding mining, but realized that wouldn’t quite work since they’d be and therefore not locked.

      • Future staking rewards can be used to help secure the loan
      • Probably best for long term lockers (2 year+)
      • E.g., if tokens are staked + locked, users can borrow USDC (?) against staked premia. If APY on staked tokens is ~40%, a user can borrow at, say, a max LTV of half the APY% (in this case 20%), at which point the loan needs to be immediately repaid back. If not paid back, then the loan value (in staked premia) is immediately repaid to the lender (but still locked) and borrower forfeits all future staking rewards (or forfeits up to a point) + additional liquidation fee. That’s the general idea. Can even toy around around with option markets on the interest rates of loans. the Mechanics and liquidation penalties can be further fine tuned, especially given volatility of premia token. Point is - i think there is an opportunity there to make stacked premia a little more liquid (though would take some testing and refinement) and would love to explore that with other Parliament members
    • Fluffy Bear mentioned this earlier, but I, too, was interested in an options aggregator. Not sure what the internal roadmap currently looks like, but we can either build our own (seems potentially costly from a time and $$ perspective) or build a partnership with something like Grix who just launched their beta. Wonder if we can deploy some community to incentivize aggregators (and / or market makers?) to route trades through Premia. Or perhaps something along the lines of a “Price match” toggle to allow MMs to match cheaper prices for identical options elsewhere (within certain bounds)

I fully support many of the other great ideas mentioned by some of my fellow Parliament candidates on the operational side of things. Retail options volumes in equities are truly massive nowadays…but this wasn’t always the case. Within that, as others have highlighted, short term options account for an ever growing share of retail option flow. Short dated options are most popular even within Premia and 0dte options do seem like a compelling add-on.

While Premia’s educational content (like everything else) is truly top-tier outstanding (thanks Marty!), I wonder if this is a battle we ought to continue to fight ourselves. It might be create a trade group of sorts with some of our peers in the space to promote options education. Did options become popular on Robinhood because they had the best resources and courses on options? I’m not sure the answer to that is yes - There are some larger market + community forces at play here that we are ultimately beholden to, and the best we can ask for is to position ourselves as best we can in preparation for the inevitable massive wave of retail flow.

Coinbase and Robhinhood were successful at winning the hearts of retail, but that success was not immediate and the magic spark there was really a premier UI…and time. I think we can all agree that Premia has one of the best UIs in the entire industry. And among options protocols, it completely blows everything else out of the water.

I’m nevertheless encouraged by the TVL / volumes that are picking up momentum both within premia and among option protocols as a whole, but some polishing is needed on parts of the Parliament due to a couple things:

  1. Lack of VC funding - I’m generally anti-VC funded enteprises, but the reality is that they tend to naturally have a leg up particularly as they are more connected with investment funds, MMs, etc. Which, by the way, I have an extraordinary amount of respect for Premia’s strictly public $30M initial raise - after all the foundation of crypto is a self-aggregated grassroot movement that is inherently anti-vc.

  2. “Tainted” Tokenomics - a lot of people wrote off Premia a while back due to high FDV. May be harder to win them back / steer them away from larger players like Ribbon / Aevo without a bigger push to continue to sculpt our tokenomic + incentive ecosystem and get them to take another look.

In closing

Like many of my fellow applicants, I have been a huge Premia advocate for several years, both since day 1 and before. In fact, what initially attracted me to Premia was a token-gated group chat (rip rope) where I had the pleasure of encountering some really brilliant people (cozy, dk, froggie, lumyo). With those at the helm, I knew something really special would come about someday at Premia. The initial no-VC ~$30M raise for Premia in 2021 was something I was so proud to partake in, and I’m elated to now have the opportunity to take that participation to the next level.

I couldn’t be more excited about joining the Premia Parliament. It’s something I’ve long dreamed of and I would undoubtedly devote every volt of brain power into elevating our supreme beloved, royal class options platform to even greater heights with an incredible group of sharp, resourceful, and talented individuals. We have an incredible opportunity in front of us and I couldn’t be more excited to foster, nurture, and lay down critical governance infrastructure to deliver a truly unparalleled options trading experience to everyone.

Good luck to all candidates and thanks for considering me!