Parliament Election Candidate Bios

The purpose of this thread is to create a list of candidates running for the inaugural Parliament elections. Candidates should feel empowered to include a short bio, their stance on relevant hot “topics” that have been discussed regarding governance, as well as their experience using the Premia Platform and any constructive feedback they may feel relevant to include.

Candidate Discord Names:
Fluffy Bear#5661

Proposal Draft
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Hi all, my short bio would be that im 33yo, from eastern part of Europe. I am full time crypto from 2017. Started as a miner, then turned into investor/trader and now mainly swing trader, investor, yield farmer and DeFi enjoyer. I am involved with Premia protocol since march-april 2021, thats when I first bought in and started exploring.

I love Premia coz i see big potential in the platform and decentralized options and also with time I kinda got that gut feeling that tells me when something could do well in the future, thats why im still involved. Also i like the people in discord and im always down to chat, shitpost and dump memes + discord is important source of information for me so projects im religious about, every day i go to discord and read all the messages to see any potential information of value.

This is first time im applying for such position coz i always prefer being own boss 100% without responding to anyone and love having 0 outside obligations, but here i wanted to make an exception, coz as i said, i love the protocol and will be great experience to try something new. For the protocol itself, I tried it inside out, found some bugs, always was willing to provide feedback what i think could be better or if something needs to be fixed. Same i will do in V3. I also think that is my biggest asset coz i really want to learn deeply how things work. Also i love help people in the discord and explain things if i can + i love to get involved into discussions and debate hot proposals.

I found some things that could be possibly done better, like adjusting Influence during votes + possibly better re-assign function.

I think biggest “hot” topic are tokenomics. I pretty much expressed my stance in discussions on discord and tiny bit on forum. But just to repeat. I would like to see some kind of burn. I really think that burn would be and +EV play and will reduce future dilution. Also my call for burn is not to rip-off devs from their tokens, but just to adjust baskets a bit, and i feel we wont need as much tokens. As i said we have healthy treasury, stakers are willing to give up their fees so they go to treasury also, so part of the team dont need to be paid in tokens.I also think market makers dont need that much of supply + premian republic & blue descent dont need as many tokens (LM rewards should be also sliced down).

Sorry if i wrote it too long. I love you all.


Candidacy & Agenda for the 1st Premian legislature

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With the elections of the first Premian legislature about to start, I’ve written up a short summary of who I am, what topics I hope to see debated in this legislature and my stance on them.

A bit of background & disclosure

  • Long term community member
    Bought my first token in September 2021 and have been continually active on the community’s Discord since November 2021.
  • Frequent user of the platform
    Almost exclusively as an option buyer, since managing positions as an LP in v2 is too time-consuming for me. With the launch of V3 vaults that will hopefully change, though.
  • Not professionally involved in crypto
    I invest/trade as a hobby.
  • Not involved in the governance of any other protocol
  • I don’t hold positions in any competitors of Premia

My agenda for the 1st legislature

Agree and implement a new token distribution model & emission schedule

It is critical that tokenomics are agreed, implemented and sufficiently communicated before the Premia Blue launch to ensure that the new wave of users find a protocol with a solid and transparent economic model.
My detailed proposal can be found on the premia forum.

Improve transparency

I’m a radical advocate for transparency. As long as it is not conflicting with regulation or a competitive disadvantage for Premia, the general public should have access to as much information about the protocol as possible.

To advance on this front, I hope to see the following done during the legislature:

  • Publish a quarterly Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Publish a high-level organization chart of the Premia Team that outlines roles & responsibilities
  • Update and expand the information available regarding the token distribution and emission schedule

Iterate on and further develop the Premia Publication Process (P3)

The Premia Publication Process approved in January 2023 laid the basic framework for how changes to the protocol should be documented and agreed.

In these next 6 months I would like to see this framework further developed, addressing amongst others the following questions:

  • What are the minimum participation and yes-votes thresholds to ratify a proposal?
  • Define the process times: What is the minimum time a proposal should be up for debate? How long should votes be?
  • Who is allowed to bring up a proposal?
  • Who can moderate/copywrite/sponsor?

Continue fleshing out governance

This is a very broad topic. In general I would like to see us continue down the path of decentralizing the governance of the protocol. This will of course need to be done in a “regulation-conscious” way to avoid being victims of lawsuits.

In the short term and more specifically, I would personally like to see the following this legislature:

  • Gather the Functions and Responsibilities of the Premia Parliament in a P3 and approve it via a Snapshot vote.
  • Approve a Code of Ethics and Conduct for all Parliament Members (via P3 as well)
  • Explore and debate vote delegation mechanisms with the broader community. As the protocol matures, keeping up with governance might become too time-consuming for some community members. A delegation system will help ensure that everyone’s interests continue to be represented.

On a longer time-frame, we will also need to debate higher level questions like what actors and bodies should exist in the governance system, what their Roles and Responsibilities would be and how the governance process should work.

Iterate further on tokenomics

Beyond the immediate changes to distribution and emission, we should revisit other aspects of the premian tokenomics.

One topic would be revisiting the fee splitting between the Premia team and the tokenholders. The team’s runway as of today is generous but not infinite and thus we need to ensure that there is a clear roadmap to profitability. My proposal in this regard would be to create fee split tranches (for example a 50/50 split up to a certain amount that covers the teams expenses and then 80/20 in favor of the token holders)

Another aspect I would like to see revisited is lockup durations. In my opinion, expecting token holders to lock-up their tokens for 4 years to maximize voting power is excessive and a potential deal-breaker for prospective investors. During the next six months I will bring up a proposal to synchronize token locks with legislatures. This would reduce lock-ups to 6 months and ensure the best alignment between tokenomics and the governance process, while still keeping the benefits of the current vx-model.

The role of the future Premia DAO (“Blue Descent”)

A longer-term topic, we should start debating the mission of the DAO. Besides keeping the protocol running and covering operational expenses, should the DAO help fund the expansion of the Premia ecosystem? Perhaps help bootstrap derivatives markets for Premia? Maybe fund public goods? Or should any additional revenue be strictly used for a buyback and burn program?

Simplify the constellation of community tools & platforms

The team has quickly launched a lot of tools for governance and community under the “see what sticks” philosophy.

We now need to decide what tools work best for our governance and focus on those.

Closing thoughts

I hope this was useful to help you figure out if our visions for Premia are aligned and if voting for me might make sense to you.


Hello everyone. I’m JC Denton, or JCD#2000 on Discord. I didn’t think it would come to this, but here we are.

Some background about me in the world of crypto, and in Premia itself:

  • Coming from an IT background, I mined a lot of Scrypt algo coins back in 2013-2014. I developed a great interest in how these systems worked with cryptography and the fact they were creating a small alternative economy with an immutable history. All of my crypto from back then was lost on the Cryptsy exit scam.
  • DeFi is what cemented my belief in crypto as a useful and inevitable tool of progress: seeing in 2020 that we now have to ability to trustlessly borrow and loan money on chain, put it in various investment funds (Ignore the hacks for this point), and more; all made me convinced that this isn’t going away and will only get bigger. This made me look for more functional protocols, like Premia.
  • Throughout 2020-2023, I’ve helped various smaller cap projects (Between 200k and 5mil at peak mcaps) with community management, content management, as well as various forms of marketing efforts. From my experience in these positions as well as a trader and investor myself, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, what catches on and what stays obscure, and I’m sure many here have these instincts too.
  • In late 2021 I found Premia and joined the Discord. After exploring other alternatives later in 2022, seeing what competitors have to offer and what Premia does, I realized something here was not adding up. Premia should have been bigger by now. It’s clearly the superior protocol even when you go down to minute UI details, is it not? Forget the features and superior functionality, everything is just better.

A more critical view is needed to move forward

Some users may have noted I’ve generally been critical on the Discord regarding the constantly delayed changes to tokenomics (The vote has been cast in September 2022 and has barely seen progress since). I do this because I genuinely see an objectively superior product squandering its potential with delayed bureaucracy and inefficient marketing efforts. My stance is that if you have a solid unshakeable foundation in the form of fundamentals, everything past that is fair game for your marketing campaigns and efforts. Behind you is a solid dapp that proves itself like a self evident truth, what do you do now to get more users?

Here’s a few things I have in mind if I get chosen for this role:

  • Encourage and push everyone to finalize the tokenomics changes as fast as possible, as well as burning as much of the unneeded tokens as possible without significantly harming any of the parties involved. Like it or not, but perception matters a lot not just for price but for people to read about and use your given dapp, and things like future dilution of your held or staked share matter greatly.
  • Encourage quicker and more confident decision making and acting on those decisions, in the sphere of marketing and public perception. There’s no reason why this vote from September is still under heavy discussion and nothing significant was done in the months beforehand. If a decision is made, it should be acted upon swiftly and confidently, instead of meandering around.
  • Accelerate marketing and public perception campaigns towards the release of v3. Everyone involved in Defi, and especially on Arbitrum, should know Premia by now. But they don’t. This is a grave error that needs to be corrected. I’ve witnessed constant missteps and half baked efforts, why did Lyra partner with Camelot before Premia, when they came to us themselves? This is just one example.
    The release of the greatly anticipated v3 will be the spark that lights the fire to start a great conflagration. Public as well as clandestine marketing efforts will be discussed and elaborated on further, if I’m there to do it.

We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many live in the darkness that must be shown the way. For it is the dawning of a new day.

Good luck to all candidates.




Steakhouse Financial is proud to vie for seat in the Premia Parliament. As an experienced crypto-native strategic finanical advisory for DAOs, Steakhouse is well-equipped to contribute to the growth and success of the Premia Ecosystem. Steakhouse’s Chefs have a breadth of experience in areas including finance advisory, strategic action planning, investment banking, analytics, accounting, legal research, and coding. Steakhouse works for the best of the best and is very selective of protocols it works with. Our clients today include MakerDAO, Lido, and ENS.

Some of Steakhouse’s accomplishments include:

  • Contributed massively to MakerDAO’s recurring revenue growth of over 250% (and counting) in the midst of this bear market. Our chefs have:
    • Negotiated the largest strategic partnership in DeFi history with Gemini and Paxos, worth over $50m in annualized protocol revenues.
    • Helped pioneer real-world structures that have propelled MakerDAO to a leading position in Real World Assets (RWA) with over $650m in RWA investments allocated to date
    • Designed and executed operations that have transacted hundreds of millions of dollars of real-world investments, ranging from direct exposure to US treasuries to tokenized loans through partners such as Centrifuge.
  • Rolled out transparent financial reporting in many digestible forms for multiple DAOs
  • Created and managed a DAO-wide budgeting process within three months of onboarding at Lido
  • Created a token rewards plan for Lido contributors
  • Designed a novel liquidity incentive mechanism for Lido to mitigate excessive spending

lyt, a Steakhouse Chef, is an on-chain analyst who uses data as much as possible to guide business decisions. While lyt will be taking the lead on this initiative, he will have the full support of Steakhouse Financial when needed.

On the topic of tokenomics, Steakhouse is a strong advocate for a token burn. We believe that any tokens that are not burnt are too likely to eventually be used and dilute tokenholders, even if not initially intended to do so. However, we understand that reserving some tokens for emergency scenarios is important to ensure the stability and longevity of the ecosystem. That is why we will push for a solution that reserves some tokens for emergencies, with clear guidelines on how and when these tokens can be used.

We believe that Steakhouse’s unique expertise and perspective will be a valuable asset to the Premia Parliament, and we look forward to working with other community members and Core members to drive the Premia Ecosystem towards a decentralized future.

Check us out further:


Hi everyone, I will keep it short.


Qualified accountant 13 years, 13 years in regulated finance, most recently founded/ built the first fca regulated crypto VASP in the UK., 100+ person firm.

been in crypto since 2017, eth and sol mostly. Top 20% degen score on

Defi is my passion, smart contract powered finance is my passion, non custodial value transfer is my passion. Been a holder since the intitial offering, and only added more and more.

I am allergic to bullshit and frankly have a very short tolerance to bureacracy after so many years in the workforce. Premia has truly outstanding potential and has grown to house some giga chad big brain people who know how to actually buidl and innovate. This is rare.

Lets fucking go.


Gm options tradoors !

I’m very excited to apply for this new milestone for Premia !

My background and current position

Regarding my bio I have a background in corporate finance and have been involved in crypto since 2018. Last September I went full time crypto working as a Defi analyst in a crypto investment company managing 500M AUM. After going full time crypto, the next logical step for me is to get actively involved in a project. There are a lot of things that excite me about cryptos but options is the area I’m studying the most. I am personally invested in premia since the end of 2021. Premia is in my, top 3 Defi apps that I use on a daily basis and I consider it to have the best positioning to become the number 1 option dex in Defi. I want to be a part of it. I strongly believe that premia has one of the best team and community of young Defi projects and I want to contribute to the success of this protocol. I found something in options that I like and I want people to be aware of the potential of this sector. Options are sorely undervalued and unlike the majority I think that many retail traders would be much more profitable trading options rather than perps. The Premia community is full of smart people who will lead to the success of Premia and options in general.

Premia Hot Topics

Below are the 3 points that I find most important in the medium term development of Premia and around which, in my opinion, the parliament should prioritize its debates over the next 6 months.


Tokenomics will be the major topic of this first mandate. We all agree that the current tokenomics needs to be reworked to align perfectly with the vision of premia and its holders. We now need to move forward more quickly and I am counting on the effectiveness of our community to accelerate the adoption of new tokenomics. Many very relevant proposals around tokenomics have already been proposed, I align with some of them. Concerning the point of the FDV I think that a burn is necessary but it must be well evaluated and not only serve short term personal interests (cf token pump). We must keep in mind a long term and sustainable vision. I am generally in favor of finding the right balance between making a burn and locking a part of the tokens over several years.

My vision for Premia tokenomics

  • Reduction of the FDV with tokens burn (around 20% of the supply)
  • Maintain low inflation (max 3%)
  • Boost incentives around vxPremia with an allocation of additional Premia tokens subject to linear vesting

Following the implementation of the new tokenomics it will be important to draw up a set of detailed documents that will allow for total clarity on the changes made. Many people have a false vision of Premia tokenomics (High inflation, huge fdv, insiders…) and it will be important to respond quickly to these people to avoid any misunderstanding.

Education x Accessibility

Education is also a point that I would like to see developed even if the Premia teams are already doing a lot of work on it. The Premia Academy and the live shows with Marty are very good initiatives to educate young traders. We need to continue to find affordable education topics and formats that will allow us to onboard a large number of users after the release of Premia Blue and I know we have the capacity to do so. Education will be a major point in the long-term success of Premia. This ease of access also comes through the UI/UX which is one of Premia’s biggest strengths. We must continue to innovate in this direction by integrating new features.

Marketing x Business Development

Another topic that seems important to me is marketing and business development. Premia has the chance to be on the most active network in Defi, we must take advantage of this. Business development is an important part of the long term success of a project and Premia should not miss it. I think that this is a point that we must keep in mind and that we must be attentive to every opportunity that comes our way. The parliament should be active on this point and act in favor of Premia by proposing smart and strategic collaborations.

My contribution to Premia

I’m really not a tech guy but I have knowledge in finance and being full time crypto I know the issues and expectations of users in this sector.

I can help in several areas like :

  • Tokenomics because I spend my days studying tokenomics so I’m starting to have a good expertise in this field. Moreover I am surrounded by competent people in this field who can bring their experience. As a Defi analyst I study a lot of projects, so I have a very precise look at the points that make a project successful.
  • Marketing and partnerships. I have a very good knowledge of Arbitrum’s Defi ecosystem (I have been on the network since day one and the launch of GMX) and I will be able to make proposals for new collaborations that could benefit Premia.

Thanks for reading me, you can count on my total involvement if I join the parliament, see you on the premia discord !

The future is bright, cheers !



Hi everyone,

Before being your bearish shitposter I was a ██████ with a passion for financial markets and a keen eye for misspriced assets (like premia). With over 5 years of experience in crypto , I developed a solid understanding of the psychologie of the average joe.

My goal is to help Premia reach its full potential. I dont know what else to say that you guys didnt say alreadly.

Lets make history together. LONG LIVE PREMIA

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Hello everyone

So here it is, my short bio. 30 something years, asperger halfbreed from scandinavia.
I stumbled across the crypto space in 2017, which led to me spending too much of 2018 reading whitepapers. And when defi came around i was spending too much time monkeying around with it. Still havent left the space, still around, and I think I’m going to stick around. So many possibilities, so much vitality, so many problemsolvers in this space.

I was all in on premia, the moment i understood not only what they were building, but HOW they were building it. Their approach is beyond compare to other projects in this space, and that is very exciting to me.
Being able to contribute to the foundations of premia, is something i would appreciate and gladly do.